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Karen Slaviero

Karen specialises in complex patients and sports injuries, she enjoys treating the whole body.

Qualifying in 2000, Karen began her career in the NHS gaining broad experience and a deep understanding of the human body.

She helped many patients through their post-operative rehabilitation, primarily treating hips and knees. She also spent time practising neurological physiotherapy in a stroke unit using the Bobath Technique.   


Karen’s next stop was New Zealand where she developed a passion for treating sports injuries.


Since 2005 she has been working in a private clinic treating necks, backs, sporting injuries,  helping patients through post-operative rehabilitation and anything and everything in between. 


Karen has treated many of the sporting elite, enabling them to continue training and to compete at the highest level. Her patients include a gold medal Olympian rower, a gold medal winning British cheerleading squad, a GB Masters Marathon runner, an ironman who competed in the Hawaiian World Championships and even a truck-pulling strongman during his UK competition.

Karen says: 


“In my 20 years’ experience I have sought out as many new techniques as possible including acupuncture, cupping, functional applied science and Douglas Heel’s activation.  I have a lot of tools at my fingertips to be able to fix all injuries. The more complex the better as I love the challenge. 


Although I have treated many elite athletes I get just as much of a buzz from fixing everyday people. Whether you are wanting to compete in sport at your best level or you just want to get out of bed in the mornings without pain, I can help with it all. 


My approach starts with biomechanics. Looking at how the whole body moves I gain quick diagnostics for lasting results.  I also understand the importance of being able to continue with your sport while managing an injury, as I know that rest is not always the answer. 


I have hypermobility myself - I have a complex body, so I am more than used to fixing and putting myself back together, so I can sympathise with people who feel that no one can help them.”



Jessica specialises in headaches, back pain and neuro rehabilitation.

Jessica graduated from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa in 2014. She completed a year of community service, where she was in control of a public clinic with very few resources in a Township in Johannesburg.


She was thrust into extreme situations, learning to be adaptable and treat across the spectrum of various neurological and neuromuscular conditions to the building of sustainable exercise plans.


With Jessica’s roots stemming from the UK, she sought out pursuing her career over here. She believes NHS has always been a shining light to the rest of the world of what it means to have healthcare as a human right, and she wanted to support that by starting my journey in the public sector. She worked in the Whittington Trust in a variety of areas including neurology including treating strokes, Parkinson's and MS, also another favourite of her Elderly rehabilitation.


Jessica has always been extremely ambitious, and this led her to the private sector where she developed and honed her skills firstly a northwest London clinic and then on to Harley Street. Here she expanded her expertise to include a variety of muscular and skeletal conditions, sports injuries, pre, and post-surgical intervention, and complex pain disorders.


She found she developed special interests and proficiencies in neck pain and headaches, work-related neck and back pain, the rehabilitation of neurological conditions as well as treating acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. 

Jessica says: 


"I have always been passionate about helping people and healthcare. It makes me highly driven and motivated to provide an exceptional standard of care for whom ever I am treating. I love to learn and absorb as much knowledge as possible. I really enjoy treating all conditions with a special interest in necks, headaches and rehabilitating neurological conditions, I also have exceptional skill at complex pain disorders. I have excellent diagnostic skills and manual therapy but also use dry needling to facilitate my treatments." 



Greta specialises in the spine and rehabilitation including Pilates.

Greta gained her Physiotherapy degree in 2016 from Bristol UWE University. Since then, she has done post-graduate courses in Taping, Clinical Pilates and Acupuncture.


Greta started her career in the NHS for the prestigious Barts Trust where she gained experience in the Major Trauma Centre, Intensive Care, orthopaedics, respiratory, musculoskeletal and paediatrics including working with cystic fibrosis patients. Her work in this area made her develop a keen interest in treating respiratory conditions.


During her time in private practice, Greta’s work ranges from treating those with acute injuries to chronic pain. Her broad NHS experience in respiratory means she also works with people struggling with breathing pattern disorders. In recent years she has also run group, online and 1:1 Pilates classes.


Greta has excellent assessment skills getting to the root of the problem quickly and providing highly effective treatment. Her treatment methods include manual therapy, Chinese acupuncture, dry needling, cupping and K taping. 

Greta says: 


"Moving from the NHS to private practice has always been my dream and I realised early on in my career that rehabilitation is a passion. I get a great deal of satisfaction from returning people to their activities they love as well as allowing people to live their everyday lives by helping with functional movement specific exercise. 


I really enjoy teaching Clinical Pilates and integrating the benefits of yoga to give a diverse rehabilitation style. I incorporate all patient specific exercise plans into my rehabilitation plans and classes. I never teach groups of more than six people to ensure every person has their technique corrected and exercises can be tailored to every patient’s individual need." 

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