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Paul Cheetham


"I can't recommend Karen highly enough. She always takes the time and care to listen really carefully to the backstory of the problem and work out precisely what the issue is.


She has always got it exactly right for me and got me back going again quicker than I thought possible. Now I have moved I still travel across London to see her and it's worth it. "

  • M45 European Marathon Champion 2017.

  • M45 World Half-Marathon Team Champion 2019.


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"My 12-year-old was unable to complete his season of national level BMX racing due to the severe knee pain which was diagnosed as Osgood-Schlatter's disease.


Karen has supported him throughout the difficult period when bike-riding and football were contraindicated. Karen - always positive and striking the right balance between empathic and challenging - has taken him from debilitating pain, associated weakness and tightness to superior stability, increased power and pain-free movement in a mercifully short space of time. 

Karen is a therapist of extraordinary skill, with a deep understanding of human anatomy which she brings to bear in both her precise and perceptive manual treatment and the inventive exercises which have kept my son highly motivated through the recovery process."


Phil Roberts

"In 2018, I was competing in UK's Strongest Man, it was a 3-day competition. On the first day, I tore my calf pulling a 4-tonne lorry, I was told that I would have to pull out of the competition by the onsite physio. 

My sponsor called Karen and she came to see me that evening (the first time I ever met her). She instantly realised that the calf was not the problem. It was in fact, the abductor that had been damaged. 

She started work immediately and used electroacupuncture. The results were amazing! I carried on through the next two days and had the best competition of my life. I came second by a single point, the highest placing I ever achieved to that point.

Thank you Karen! I couldn't have achieved that without you."



"I have competed at the Ironman World Championships and well as running the Marathon des Sables and I could not have done this without Karen’s continuous support both inside and outside of the treatment room. In fact, she is saved in my phone as “Karen my hero physio”.


I have been working with Karen for almost 10 years in this time she has helped me manage every injury and got me to the start of every race. She has helped me to build my body to become more functional and resistant to injury.


I am so grateful and lucky to have Karen as my physio as she plays such a big role in my physical and mental health, I value every session".

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