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Neck, Back and Headaches


Due to increased working from home and our generally sedentary life styles, most of have experienced pain and stiffness in our neck, back or even headaches. These areas respond really well to physiotherapy and core strengthening. Working on specific exercises and posture can stop them ever coming back. Migraines also respond very well to physiotherapy. 


Lower and Upper Limb

Physiotherapy is very effective at treating pain in the lower limb (hip, knee, ankle, and foot) and pain the upper limb (shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand). Understanding the nature of the condition is crucial for a quick recovery. Pain can come from a local muscle, biomechanics, a ligament, a tendon, an inflammatory condition, or overuse.  A full assessment is vital along with manual therapy and a graded exercise programme with improved muscle control to fully heal from your condition. Continuing to use the limb to be able to maintain activity in a pain-free way is important to maintain fitness and muscle conditioning.

Sporting Injuries


Being very keen on sports myself I really understand the importance of being able to perform within your sport, whether you are competing for your Country, playing sport socially, at the gym or just going on a run. My passion is working out the complex movement and muscle patterns required for each sport. Endurance runners, cross fitters, tennis players, cheerleaders and gymnasts and cyclist tend to be the people I see most frequently. 




Hypermobility, Arthritis and Complex Conditions


Having joint hypermobility myself (and all the unexplained aches and pains that come with it) means I have a unique understanding of how frustrating this condition can be. Due to my 22 years experience there are very few things I have not seen, in fact I find I see many people who have not been helped by anyone else and now are finding relief. I really enjoy the complexity and get joy from enabling people to live their lives to the fullest in a pain free way. 

Pregnancy and Post Partum 

Pregnancy pelvic pain can be debilitating, both when you have your bump and post partum. Physiotherapy can really help to get you back to your normal life, with soft tissue work, core exercises and Pilates. 



Post Surgical and Fractures


Physiotherapy is extremely helpful in guiding people through their post-operative and post-fracture journeys. As these can be very traumatic, an experienced hand is required with the excellent rehabilitation skills to get you back to your previous self as soon as possible.

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